Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

an old september issue

I found this old issue when browsing some foreign magazine on my campus library. Looking for the headline, i remembered when this apple CEO passed away few days ago. Honestly, i dont' really pay attention for this issue since i'm not a fanatic apple user, (well, okay i used the iPod earphone for my mp3 player), but i feel curious about him since all apple store in my town display his picture for weeks. Reading the issue, now  i know that the world has the biggest lost in creative industry. Apple fans around the world has a deep grief when knowing this bright innovator was gone. We already know that he's the creator of  iMac, iPod, iPhone, -and the latest, iPad- with out of the box outstanding concept. For me, he was a brilliant person side by side with Bill Gates and the "Facebook" Zuckenberg. I just can't imagine how apple could be without him.

 Back to the magazine, this issue talk about how Steve Jobs retired being CEO and became apple's chairman. It wrote that Steve would no longer in charge on the company but still contribute behind the screen. It just like a hidden farewell to the world knowing that several weeks from that day the cancer took his life away. 

I saw a creative "Tribute to Steve Jobs" on Newsweek magazine: a mosaic portrait made from apple products. I realized that there's no iPod earphone there so i put it out from my mp3 player and made "my own tribute to Steve Jobs" based on that mosaic, and voila! : 

 I dont know him so much and i dont know much about his product either.  But i know when a lot of people grief for him, he might did something important that changes world.

Rest in Peace Steve, thanks for your inspiration and sophisticated legacy to the world.

Simple thought, good execution and contribution to the world,
for me, it just like "simply shoot and share !" :)

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  1. he's inspire me so much..and he's really thanks to you mand by using his earphone...hohoohoho

  2. Hahaha!! indeed! and hey, did you know 12 hour before he launch the first iPod, all apple's worker still working at night re-design and re-make the earphone just because he said that its not "click enough" with the device! what a perfectionist! :D