Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Personal Autumn

every person has an autumn inside their heart
an extraordinary feeling to paint up the air
and leave some colours for the faded leaves

both has the different side
gloomy groove for the bertrayed
or seductively romantic for the loving one

each side has a different power:
to rise you up to reach the sky
bring you down and kissed the ground

 they have their own consequences
  and may the bless always be with the wise

for them who aren't fool enough to fly too high
for the one who strong enough to arise when falling down

just like the autumn
falling down gracefuly
and left the life with their beauty 
 they will arise and will come again
 at the season called summer

 it's all about your choice
for being trapped on your gloomy side
or keep trying to be the brighter one
it's all about your self
and your own role in the cycle called life

it's all about yours
that's why i called it personal
now, my question is...
have you decide it yet ?

note: inspired by autumn leaves picture on my friend's blog kepikdanjangkrik thx for the idea yaa~ :D
pict location: CIFOR

simply shoot and share! :)

6 komentar:

  1. ehehehe.. tumben om bagus kata2nya (lagi) :p

  2. eh itu inggris random yaa~ biar keliatan keren aja dek, pdhl gak tau deh grammar nya bener apa nggak,HAhaha~ :D

  3. Setuju....kesimpulan : cepet sidang yah man