Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

Ragunan Blues

I always had a gloomy feeling when visited this zoo. Inapropriate cage, food shortage and lack of skilled veterinarian made the animals look fatigue and sick all the time. It's only my imagination or what, but i swear i saw some bird look lonely and want to go home and meet their family.

 I don't know why they face looked pale. I thought they already  malnutrion  by eating not-realy-apropriate foods. Sometimes, they only eat grains or dry corn and made them lazy all the day.

And sometimes they look like a prisoner behind the iron bar. That's really frustrating since i used to saw them free in the wild and now i saw people laughing at them, yelling and and smashing the cage to get their attention. 

With the small cage and noisy environtment, slowly but sure, their habbit are changing. No one can resist it, even the toughest raptor like brahminy kite eagle.

I just can't stand looking their eyes. They are dying.  Not only physically, but mentally as well. I think Ragunan Zoo should learn about good ex-situ management from Taman Safari, at least for artificial habitat design or wildlife management. They should do it fast, before they lost their precious animals.

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  1. kok sepertinya model blognya sama ya? hihihi..
    you know, they was learn and maybe they will but the money still not enough.. -i was get PUKES there :)-

  2. iyaa~ ini pake template yg simple, biar keliatan seger blognya, hehee.. :)

    yup, lack of money of course. every goverment institution always had that problem, what should they do is cooperating with private institution for better management,,

    entah kenapa miris aja ngeliat Ragunan setelah sekian lama gak ke sana :(

  3. lah langsung dibales... OL niy ye

  4. Ahahaha! anda beruntung nonaa~ jarang2 loh penghuni blog ini OL,,saran saya: pasanglah togel, ini hari keberuntungan andaa! :D

  5. heey~ si sony alpha nyasar kemari :) hahaha..salam kenal! thx yaa udah mampir! foto2 kamu juga asik! ijin nge-link blognya di "oleh-oleh blogwalking" yaa!