Senin, 21 November 2011

Simply Sunday ! :)

just a late-night random posting,  i really grateful having this simple happy weekend!  Start with my lovely best sista' Ranie's wedding. reunion with my UKF old friends. having some crazy chat from planning a field-trip until making-a-tips being a good "juragan bencong" with my eksitu juniors inside the angkot. meet baka aniki Cepi who already get married months ago. had a branding and marketing discussion for my final project with Cepi's wife, mbak Ratu. having a kick on the stomach by silly orangutan's vet's Winnie, si mbak bodoh who finally gave me a bunch of veterinary e-books that really usefull for doing a first-aid to wild animal or our pets, having a long chitty-chat with three of them at sundanese simple restaurant, got stucked inside the aquarium store near campuss, and finally i decide to have my self a table-mate while doing some stuff on my working desk:

meet Captain, the bottom cat fish cleaner, his kamerad Guppa and Guppi, the albino guppy fish and their playground: a 20cm x 5cm aquascape with hydrilla and automatic hanging filter.

all of them i got with less than Rp.50.000, a blue-sheet-paper-money-that-accidentally- found-on-my-jeans-pocket! wow!

there, i've said that!
and sorry for those Big and small letter, just trying to be "4LaY" for a while~ ;)

but well, i don't care. because that sunday was my simple happy day! 

hope you feel the happiness too!

make it simple, make it fun!
it just like simply shoot and share! :)

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