Selasa, 08 November 2011

Post-it-notes, post-it-everywhere !

having a boring afternoon on my research supervisor's office, i was decided to play with her nephew. meet yaska the young boy and abel the old sister, the hyper-energetic duo who has ability to scream loudly and running fast like energizer bunny.

to calm them down, i asked yaska and abel playing with her auntie's post-it notes.

"hey abel! let's play garage sale and the buyer with me"

"what kind of game is that om? how we played it?" said abel

"did you see those post-it notes? just write the price and stick it to whatever you want to sell"

"like your shoes om?" said yaska.

"yup! i'll sell my shoes for 10 dollars, write on the notes and stick it like this"

" i want to sell my shoes too!" said abel.

"ok, how much the price is?"

"six million"


"no, rupiah only"

oh dear...your mom and our president must be proud of you son~ :)

after add some price tag to the things around them, they looked bored again, so i've made some modification in our game:

"let's decorating stuff by sticking post it notes with some wise word or quotes written on it"

and it end up with something like this:

and this...

the girl who sat over there is my lab-mate, jadda. she was being our victim before post it some wise word on the wooden door. we already re-decorate jadda's note book when she go out to the toilet:

yup! we add some colourfull post-it note on her notebook screen! and here they are, our masterpiece!
take a look a little bit closer:

jadda must be happpy seeing this! :D

soo, still have no idea to cheer up the boring afternoon? you can try this game, and share the story with us!

it's fun, it's easy, and it's sticky
it just like simply shoot and share! :)

4 komentar:

  1. Your story is so cool..keren abis..:D

  2. Hahaha!! thx mbak...yang cool itu yaska dan abel, they've made my day! :D

  3. kapan-kapan saya mau ah ketemu ma yaska dan abel.saya jadikan model ya..:D

  4. boleeh~ kapan2 main aja ke kampus! dia sering diajak tantenya, sang dosen pembimbing skripsi, kalau bundanya lagi sibuk ngasih kuliah~ :)