Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

Geeky with Nerdy !

Hey hoo~!! happy wednesday guys! since i talked too much on this photoblog (yes, kamera-kecil actually made for Photo-blogging), let's back to the basic, attach more pictures and less talking crap~ :)

and here we go! start with my little home-made studio project, i will introduced you to my personal librarian. Please welcome: Nerdy !

He's a nerd teddy bear who loved to read almost everything. He reads novels, brochures, travelling guide, sufism by Rumi, and even my forestry text book !

He always read some books on my open window. "Bright light and fresh air is all you need while trying to understand what inside the book" he said.

"besides, from the window you'll have wider view to see the street".

Yes, he choose that place in order to have a good position if suddenly he's hungry and want to call the food seller who crossed the street. Cendol and bakso are his favourite, and of course, a cup of a good coffee~ :)

Soo, if you come or just passing by in front of my house, take a look at the open window.
if you are lucky, you will see Nerdy reading peacefully with some books on the window. Just say hi or give him a brand new books as a present, and he'll made you his special coffee and some recomendation about choosing some good books in return. :)

just stopped by and geeky with Nerdy !

and it just like simply shoot and share ! :)

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  1. Balasan
    1. maksudnya curhat apa yaa? gak ngerti~ :)

    2. Nerdy is A.G a.k you and your books :D

    3. waduh bisa ngamuk nih Nerdy kalau tau dia di sama-samain, kabur aah! takut dilempar sama kamus bahasa jerman~ !!

  2. eh, nerdy kok suka baca rumi juga? pinjem dong bukunya nerdy.. =P
    i have one book of rumi too.. hehe

    1. Hi muti! it's Nerdy speaking here.. Armand just go out today and playing around with Dutch Girls in botaniche plantentuine, well, just ignore him~ :)

      you loved Rumi? geez.. not many girl reading that things now days, much of them already infected by Gibran~ -__-"

      just stopped by to our little library, and i loved to see your Rumi's collection as well !


  3. Hiii Nerdy,
    In my opinion and based on my observation in more over five years, the truly geeky person is your Boss. Please don't stand still toward this public deception. We will be your supporter because we also know the truth that the man whom his writing style always use '~' is the geeky person who hide behind his 'om-om' style.
    Keep fighting for your freedom, don't waste your time just to sit in the aisle.

    Sincerely yours,

    The nerdy supporter

    1. Hi JoJo ! thanks for being my supporter, but first of all i should tell you that geeky are different with freaky. geeky is a non-mainstream person who really good at something he loved, while freaky is something cheesy that made you feel "eeeuuuww" things~

      why i should be freed? i already free when i start reading a book on the first page. i have plenty time to do something i loved, so i'd prefer to say "spending my leisure time" rather than "waisting my time" you should try from different point of view and free your mind :)

      soo, keep reading for your freedom, and spend your time doing what you loved most !

      geek rules ! (@_@)/*


  4. Ini apa sih komennya antara si nerdy dan supporter? --" Heuheuheu, i love the last picture by the way, keep creative man! :)

  5. soalnya JoJo ngajak berantem duluan mbaaak~!! Hahaha~!! Thx yaa mbak toaa, inspirasinya dr blogmu jg lhoo~ :D