Selasa, 25 September 2012

Hide and Seek with Bama !

Hey hoo~!! Sorry for the looong new blog posting! It’s been three hectic months since I moved from java! Yup, now I’m workin’ on eucalyptus plantation in north sumatera! Being in the middle of tropical rain forrest and far away from internet connection made me missed kamera-kecil soo bad, but thanks god now I’m moved to head office in Porsea, a small town near lake toba and finally had the access to personal computer on my flat~ :)

first day I moved to head office, I found this kitten always hanging around outside my flat. He always follow me, “the new boy on the block” and spying on my window all the time. When I gave him a small piece of salty fish, he came to get it and gave me a cute “meow” as the thanks, but when I go closer, he ran away and hiding behind the wall. He gonna’ wait until I not chasing him again and look to another direction. After that, he continued following me again as before. 

I named this little hide-and-seek kitten  as “bama” 

Why ? because it’s sounds cute and it’s the same name with my heart robber girl’s cat that she always mention on her twitter~ :) 

Soo, who wants to play hide and seek with bama? 

Just come to my flat, bring some salty fish and prepare your camera ! If you are lucky, you can get his funny expression when he peeping at you!

It’s tricky, it’s funny,

It Just like simply shoot and share ! :)

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  1. kok gak keliatan fotonya om??
    benar2 hide and seek -___-

    1. iyeee~ modem smart lambret dimari tanteee~ :D